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Advice & Lessons Learned

Recently I was asked to share the best advice I’ve received and lessons learned through seven decades of living. I expect to add to this list as I continue to learn and grow.

“Your character should always be stronger than your circumstances.” -Dave Willis

“You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.” -Timber Hawkeye

“Your hardest times often lead to your life’s greatest moments. Keep the faith. It will all be worth it in the end.” -Zig Ziglar

“Be yourself.” -spiritual counselor

“Be kind.” -Sunday School

“Forgive.” -Sunday School

“Love your neighbor…” -Sunday School (Mark 12:31)

“Judge not…” -Matthew 7:1-3

“He probably just didn’t know how.” -spiritual counselor
(A light-bulb moment that gave clarity to the fact that often we over-analyze and over-complicate understanding each other, when the simple truth is that we are all just doing what we know how to do.)

Lessons learned through living

In every challenge, ask: What is the lesson here?

Modesty and humility are much more attractive than bravado.

Ego gets in the way of God.

Acknowledge mistakes.

Life isn’t fair, but you can be.

Listening with sincere, heartfelt compassion is a beautiful gift.

Prayer changes me.

The past is gone; the future is unknown. Make the most of now, today, this very moment.