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Joys of Blogging

I started a blog as a creative exercise, with a more disciplined approach to writing my thoughts than just jotting down in my journal in incomplete sentences, not mindful of whether anyone else could make sense of it. I had no expectations for feedback, followers, or connecting with others. I simply wanted to write and share. I also wanted to see if I could set up a blog without any help. At a certain age, advancing technology becomes a challenge.

Now I write four blogs, and the experience unfolds to new delights and surprises almost daily.

Last week, a blogger in India liked my post on Morning Reflections. His posts about compassion and kindness remind that we can make a difference in the world through acts of kindness and respect for every individual’s humanity. His blog has thousands of followers. Imagine the impact of thousands of followers advocating kindness and compassion worldwide, sharing with everyone they know! A veritable peace train could take form.

This morning I posted a thought about leaving a legacy in nature for the benefit of future generations. Thus, I “met” an artist/photographer in Europe who shares his stunning photos on his blog site. I was also introduced to a blogger in northwest U.S., an ecologist whose passion for nature is reflected in exquisite photos and rich poetry. A musician and poet in Germany also liked my post. And the hits just keep on comin’.

Connecting with kindred spirits who see and appreciate the beauty in nature is a good feeling. Connecting with crusaders for universal kindness and compassion elevates hope for the progress of humankind. The bell that rings loudest for me signals that blogging can be a powerful tool to plant constructive ideas and seeds of hope for better stewardship of our marvelous planet.